Graphic Design

Logos & Brand Identity

The beginning and most important to any company's identity is their logo and brand identity as a whole. Does your logo entice customers to want to learn more? Is your brand identifiable with your customers? If not, we can help! 

Blue River Digital only builds logos using vector art. Vector art is not a photo and DOES NOT use pixels (resolution). What does this mean? It means we can print your logo at 80ft wide and it will print just as clear as it would on a business card.

Choose from several logo options, revise & edit until its the logo you want & need! We will not disappoint.

Below is a sampling of hundreds of logos we have created for our clients. If you like our work, contact us today! 

Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards and More!

After your brand is established with a logo, graphic design can be used in a number of ways. We can brainstorm, create, and print brochures, postcards, business cards, and everything in between. Need some help coming up with the perfect pieces to round out your marketing - we can help! We can also design your apparel and signage. See our printing page for more info on printing and mailing services. Or contact us today to get your design started!

Graphic Design Services

  • Brochure Design
  • Magazine/Catalog Layout
  • Business Card & Stationery
  • Direct Mail
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Logo & Brand Identity Packages
  • Forms & Labels
  • Invites, Cards, Envelopes
  • Signs and Banners
  • Social Media
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Web & SEM Ad Graphics
  • Print Ad Design
  • Newsletters