Our Why

Making a Difference

At Blue River Digital, we are passionate about giving back. We pour out our time and energy for our clients but ultimately the ways we can make a difference through our efforts are the fuel that really keep us going. 

There are a few organizations that are a constant in the BRD story.

Connecting People, Changing Lives

Giving Basics

Started by Wes and Amy Sigler, Giving Basics comes alongside organizations and people in other countries and helps provide basic needs, share Jesus, and fuel dreams. They start by asking the questions and listening to those in need. Prayer and planning are next as they work as a team and join the communities, villages and churches work towards the completion of projects.  

Giving Basics sees a need and figures out how to fill the need from feeding programs to farms and mills, to wells, schooling and transportation. They do all of this through the lens of the gospel – shining the love of Jesus in tangible ways.

Other Organizations We Serve

with our time and resources