This has been a common question lately. How long should I expect my sign to last? Especially when you’re are investing your hard-earned money into new indoor or exterior signage that you expect to last! I wish the answer was easy, but unfortunately, it is not. There are many factors that come into play that
Instagram Live Donations Feature with Blue River Digital
Have you ever hosted a live video on Instagram, sharing about a cause that is close to your heart and wished there was a way to interact with your audience and raise funds for the nonprofit? That is the case for me as well as many nonprofits we work with here at Blue River Digital.
I just wanted to share some ways to stay creative. Many times we get into the “Daily Grind” and forget about what got us here in the first place. Our creativity and our personalities are what makes us valuable. Post written by Forbes Agency Council Successful PR, media strategy, creative and advertising executives from Forbes
Raise the Dough stack of Annual Reports
A brochure is your brand at a glance, but one brochure does not fit all needs. We have put together this short list of brochure types to help you identify what type or types you may need. Leave-Behinds – “After Sales Pitch” Leave-behind brochures include complete descriptions and benefits of your product and/or services.  These
Graphic Design on a computer screen
YOUR marketing team! How often do you leave a team meeting with great new ideas or unearth new needs from team members and have no way to execute? Maybe you do not have the tools or likely the extra time to get the done on time. New marketing collateral, internal forms, promotional graphics, social media
4 x 4 banner
Ordering signs has been a process that we have been evaluating for years now. How can we make this process quick, easy, and efficient? We have tried complex order forms and online design simulators; but in the end, simple is BEST! Time and time again, our customers have told us that what they prefer a
Google My Business banner
Your Google My Business profile is the first thing people see when they search for your company online. That makes it a critical part of your marketing mix.   Google gives every business its own Google My Business listing, consisting of a Google Map of the company’s location, its address, reviews, photos, the website URL,
Man with machine that is giving him a pat on the back
Well it’s march and it has been 3 months since our last blog entry. I guess that means we have been busy and have forgotten, which is mostly true. I think it’s that we just forgot. Anyway, I wanted to write this as a reminder to ourselves and to anyone reading this entry, that we
Banner stand displays
Retractable banner stands are a quick and easy way to dress up a small space like an expo booth or point of purchase display in a showroom. Plus, once you have the stand, the banner can be changed out to match your latest promotions.
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