Blue River Digital | Award Winning Auction Marketing

BRD is a group of design experts at your fingertips to provide award winning marketing plans for auction companies and their specific auctions.

Day 1 Phone Call: I need to sell my farm
Day 2


Only a few days after the phone call, you need to impress your client enough to choose you or your company. Blue River Digital can take all of the current land information, maps, proposed land splits, soil data and marketing budgets and place them into a well-designed book "the proposal".  We are able to turn this book around and print as many as you need within a few days.  Be the first to respond, and respond with the tools you need.

Day 12

I got it, what now.

You have been awarded the sale of a farm, what is the next step? Once your parcels and all information is buttoned up, we suggest you take photos & video of the property. BRD can provide both on the ground photography and aerial imaging with a couple of the best cameras available.  Once these have been taken, BRD can then provide the Brochure, Social Media Ads, Videos, Signs, and any other marketing that may be implemented.

Day 17

The Brochure

BRD's print brochure design for the Auction industry is second to none. With hundreds and even thousands of brochures designed, we know what information needs to be read first and we know what your reader wants to read. We don't just spew information on a well-designed page. We strategically place important information, based on 17 years of being directly involved with the auction industry.

Day 17

The Video

We provide video editing services that go above and beyond. Not only can we produce the video, be we can capture our own footage, add custom logo animations & intros, voice over, background music and custom animated text along with branding the video to match flawlessly with the brochure, social media, signs, newspaper ads and corporate identity.

Day 18


During the proposal creation process BRD includes a budget to design and print newspaper ads in any local publications to the auction that you may want to advertise in. We take the sale item list or information from the brochure and or proposal and create attention grabbing ads that will surely send bidders your way.

2 - 4 Weeks before Auction Day


Blue River Digital can design and print your signs within just a few days. Get the signs shipped anywhere you like by the time you need to place them at the auction site, parcels, intersections, etc. BRD has its own sign system that is simple but very effective.  Again, the importance of information in the right place at the right time is what make BRD and ultimately, you stand out.

2-4 Weeks before Auction Day

Social Media

Social media platforms combined with graphics from the brochure, photos of items or property and a custom made video can reach thousands and thousands of people with little cost. We have a social media expert on our team that can manage your entire corporate account, or manage your most important auction events through out the year. Whether its is just one campaign or many, you won't be disappointed, and we have the stats to prove it.

2-3 Months from First phone call

Auction Day

Not only can BRD provide the complete marketing plan for your Auction from start to finish, but what about auction day? BRD can provide custom bidding cards, auction day signage, promotional items, photography and more. How have we become an award winning company over 50 times? Well, we only get awarded when our clients get awarded. Let us work with you so we both can win again.

Auction Close