Our Team

There is something special happening at Blue River Digital and it starts with our team. There’s a unique chemistry you’ll sense when you visit our offices, and it affects the way we do our work. It’s fueled by our shared purpose to empower success for our customers.

Weston Sigler

Wes has over 20 years of experience as a professional Graphic Designer and Marketing Director. He thrives in managing the team and uses his skills to display stand-out work for businesses and auction companies around the country.

Ryan Sigler
Senior Graphic Designer | Web & Media Designer

Ryan has over 15 years of experience as a professional Graphic Designer in multiple industries. He covers the base with quality work in many areas including video, drone photo/video, web development, and graphic design.

Nick Prentice
Sales Manager | Digital Marketing Lead

Nick has over 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising. He established his own social media business taking his talents to Blue River Digital. He would love to connect with you to see how we can best serve your company.

Garry Burelison
Production Manager

Garry has 30+ years of experience in the printing and large format printing industries with 8 years of owning his own art & printing business. If you need a print project completed with excellence, he is the one for the job.

Trace Hewson
Graphic Designer | Videographer

Trace is a graduate from Ball State University, serving Blue River Digital with his skills in graphic design, videography and photography. He loves taking a brand and redefining it or creating pieces to match the story you would like to tell.

Genevieve Stoll
Web Designer

Genevieve is a graduate of Grace College and brings many years of marketing experience. She enjoys bringing brands to life with website design through style and content. Her goal is to provide friendly and efficient support to help businesses and create designs and content that effectively tell their story.

Ashley Kent
Graphic Designer

Ashley is a graduate of Grace College and brings 4 years of marketing experience. She sees that projects are taken from start to finish in order to create the best customer experience. She also brings great expertise to the graphic design projects.

Patrick Bloomfield
Production Manager

Patrick brings 8 years of customer service experience, most recently in the medical field. He would love to partner with you to fulfill apparel orders in screen printing and embroidery or build custom signage to expand your brand.

Diane Hile
Project Manager

Diane brings excellence in customer service and organization. She is the first smile you see as you walk through our doors and is ready for any new project. Diane works primarily on customer communication, invoicing and fulfillment.

Sharon Sigler

Sharon is the reconciling genius of the office. She keeps the business running with all her checks and balances. She comes to the office bringing a keen attention to detail, a joyful spirit, a joke to make everyone smile, and sometimes even cookies!

Savannah Shepherd
Account Representitive / Graphic Designer

Savannah graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and brings several years of customer service in multiple fields. She serves one of our clients exclusively with great knowledge and expertise in graphic design. She is driven, focused, and enjoys completing each task with great care and attention to detail.

Drew Sigler
Digital Marketing Intern

Drew brings great drive, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a quality business sense to everything he does. We are glad to have him join us with his social media and digital marketing skills. He is a team player and does excellent work.